Easter is one of the most important religious holidays of Christians. As a multinational country America doesn`t keep up a definite tradition of Easter celebration. The only feature common for Americans of all religions is their gathering around the table in a family environment on festive Sunday. Attending Christian religious observance starting at 6 o`clock in the morning and known as źdawn of the sun╗ is also considered to be compulsory.

Coming of Easter begins for orthodox Christians of America from Shrove Sunday. This day is of great importance for correct perception and observance of Lent. Namely confession and recognition of sinfulness, readiness to forgive and sacrifice prepare for the great holiday Easter. All days of the Lent Americans spend on preparing themselves for spiritual celebration. On Holy Thursday of a week before Easter last preparations are arranged.

On holiday Easter baskets are decorated with fresh flowers, ribbons and bows. According to tradition on Easter people bring flower pots with lilies to church and decorate with them houses as they symbolize Easter. They place Easter cakes and eggs on towels in a refectory and put candles. After church service people exchange triple kisses. In the evening people gather around the festive table. Traditional dishes of this day are potatoes, ham with pineapples and fruit salads.

As concerns gifts, baskets with colored eggs and a huge number of various sweets are usually presented. By tradition every egg contains a question and a person who received such an egg should necessarily answer it. Visiting America on Easter Sunday is surely fascinating and memorable experience. In no case miss out a festive street procession in American cities when people wearing bright suits pass through the main streets attracting attention of everyone and presenting a feeling of a real general holiday.

Tradition of egg rolling on Monday after Easter Sunday is still popular in the USA. In eggs races wins the one who manage to take an egg down the hill and not to break it. This activity is held directly in front of the White House. On an equal basis with children current president participates in the game. Annually in New Orleans a carnival known as Mardi Gras is arranged on Easter which includes entertaining activities such as fascinating parade, jazz music performances and a bumper party.