Father`s Day

Father`s Day is commemorated on the third Sunday of June in many countries of the world. But initially this holiday emerged in America when a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909 during church service dedicated to Mother`s Day remembered his father who brought up her and other five children after her mother`s death. Sonora wanted his father know how she loves and appreciates him as her father sacrificed his all to carry out his parental duties and was the most courageous, unselfish and affectionate man in his daughter`s eyes. Sonora had appealed to the local authorities offering to establish a new holiday. At first the date of 5 of June birthday of William Smart was selected for celebration but there had been not enough time for preparations and holiday was postponed to 19th of June. The holiday was celebrated for the first time in 1920.

In 1924 President of the USA Calvin Coolidge supported Sonora Dodd`s initiative. He considered that this holiday will strengthen relations between fathers and their children and simultaneously remind fathers about their parental duties.

The traditions of celebrating father`s contribution made to your life vary from presenting gifts, phone calls to arranging family parties. On this day children try to express gratitude to their fathers: they help fathers all possible ways and send colorful greeting cards, give flowers, mostly red roses. Paying tribute to dead fathers people bring white roses to graves of their fathers.

Father`s Day was recognized as a national holiday in the USA in 1966 when President of the USA Lyndon Johnson announced the second Sunday of June a national holiday. By tradition government and ordinary citizens try to support low income fathers who bring up children on their own. Over time other countries where respect to family values is declared started celebrate this day.