Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the main holidays in any country and the USA as well. The holiday is annually celebrated on the fourth of July since the declaration of the independence was signed by the founding fathers of the USA on 4 July 1776 year.

Americans celebrate this day by setting off fireworks, visiting concerts and other occasions. Hundreds of peoples annually observe parade in honour of the Independence Day on the main streets of cities. A horse-drawn cart with participants of the parade symbolizes history of Old West exploration. In 1777 celebration of the first anniversary of declaration signing was accompanied by parades and picnics but it`s surely incomparable to the scales of celebration which the holiday gained nowadays. Americans celebrate the occasion even being abroad. One of the compulsory attributes of Independence Day celebration is shooting off fireworks. Many years ago using of fireworks was prohibited because of the risk of fire, however today Independence Day is difficult to imagine without fireworks; before 4 July sales of pyrotechnics is considerably increase.

For majority of people 4 July is a non-working day; if this day falls on Saturday or Sunday, the rest day is carried over to the day following immediately after the holiday. At the dawn of 4 July Americans arrange various activities to pay tribute to all soldiers perished in the war of Independence and great leaders as freedom from British government was achieved thanks to their efforts. Such eminent personalities as George Washington – the first President of the USA, Thomas Jefferson – one of the main authors of the declaration of independence and other founding members of the Continental Congress are particularly revered by Americans as they officially proclaimed 4 June to be Independence Day. A major event – parade of Independence Day is held at midday in Washington. Simultaneously public festivities are organized, Americans hang out the state flag on their homes.

Definite regional peculiarities are also typical for this day. For instance, in city of Seward (Alaska) a hiking trip to reach the summit of the mountain called Mount Marathon is arranged. Since 1818 habitants of the town Lititz (Pennsylvania) make candles during winter: on 4 July a festival of candles is arranged. In Tekumseh (state Nebraska) several hundreds of flags are hung out on the building of the court in honour of natives of the city who served in armed forces of the USA.

Independence Day is considered to be the birthday of the United States as free and independent country. Majority of Americans call this holiday just «Fourth of June».