Mother`s Day

Mother`s Day in the United States falls on the second Sunday of May. It honours motherhood and it`s the time for appreciation of mothers who devoted their life to happiness, well-being and health of children. People give flowers and presents, send cards to their mothers. They also express their gratitude to grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers and foster mothers. Widespread typical for this day gifts are flowers, chocolate, clothing, jewelry, special treats as cosmetic procedures or visiting a spa salon. Some people arrange a pleasuring for all members of the family, hold a holiday meal at home or go to a restaurant. A few days or weeks before celebration pupils prepare a greeting handmade card or a special present for mothers.

Mother`s Day doesn`t belong to federal holidays. Organizations, stores and business establishments are open or closed as on any Sunday of the year. Public traffic systems run according their usual Sunday schedules. The origin of this holiday is related to different people. In the second part of 19th century some women independently of each other started public companies which purpose was recognition of importance and a high value of being a mother. These efforts presented an integral part of a large scale company intended for gaining civil rights by women including the right to vote in elections, to hold posts in the government and fight discrimination.

In 1908 Ann Jarvis organized the first celebration of Mother`s Day in the church of Grafton city that is located in West Virginia. Jarvis also initiated company which was aimed at inclusion of Mother`s Day into the holidays list of separate inhabited localities, state and country levels these efforts achieved the maximum result on the eighth of May 1914 when President of the USA Woodrow Wilson signed the relevant decree.

On this day Americans traditionally wear carnations: red and pink carnations are pinned in honour of a living mother whereas white carnations are worn in memory of mothers who left this life.

Specifically for this day numerous presents for mothers complemented with greeting inscriptions and beautiful labels are produced. In recent years tickets for sightseeing tours and entertaining trips are considered to be the most popular presents.