New Year

New Year`s Eve is a major public holiday for most people in the United States. Many people celebrate it at home or participate in special celebrations of the upcoming New Year. Wide-scale social activities attracting crowds of people are organized in many cities. American New Year traditions are notable for diversity and characterized by bright fireworks, parties, gifts and musical events. New York is a major destination for countless people from various parts of the world to enjoy festive atmosphere of Christmas and New Year.

Social activities and entertaining pastimes include gatherings at the football stadiums for watching championships. One of the most famous and crowded places for New Year celebration in the USA is certainly the Times Square in New York. An enormous laser illuminated ball is sluggishly coming down from the top of tower starting its way a minute before the beginning of New Year. Nowadays when the ceremony of meeting New Year in Time Square is broadcasted around the world around one billion of people annually enjoy this spectacle.

Parades and carnivals of all kinds are fairly widespread at New Year`s Eve: one of the most popular events is parade of roses held in Pasadena, California since 1886. This tradition estimates over a hundred years. A platform decorated with petals, stalks and roses accompanied by horse-drawn carriages is moving around the city. Entertainment program of Roses parade includes exhibitions, fairs, excursion to the museum of roses, competitions and street spectacles. After completion of the parade football match between teams of colleges is taking place at the stadium Rose Bowl.

Bidding farewell to the passing year, Americans sing traditional song «Auld Lang Syne». The title of song, written in the beginning of XVIII century literally translated from the Old English as «good old days». In the song appreciation of old days and old friends is expressed. Many Americans, especially in the south of the country, are confident that chances for successful New Year can be considerably increased by including so called black-eyed peas and greens in New Year`s dinner. Many people consider this action to be a special custom of humility that will attract wealth in the coming year.

When the Old Year coming to its end Americans evaluate achievements of the past year and set goals for the next year. They promise themselves to cure a bad habit, quit smoking, become more organized or stay fit and healthy.