St. Patrick`s Day

St. Patrick`s Day is a great holiday in the USA that is celebrated in all states on March 17 but not considered to be an official day off. It started as a religious festive day in honour of saint bishop of Ireland and turned into an international festival celebration of Irish culture and symbolizes citizens of Ireland descent in the USA. On this day parades and dancing are organized.

Patrick was born in a small town of Roman Britain, in his youth he was kidnapped by Irish robbers and brought to Ireland as a slave. At that time he confided God and later returned to Ireland as a bishop to declare the Christian faith. He founded 600 churches and converted to Christianity 120 thousands of Irish people. 17th of March is a day of Patrick`s death. On this day people consider it an honour to wear green clothes, drink green beer, the river in Chicago is painted in green color as the symbol of St. Patrick`s Day is a green shamrock. A tradition of drinking beer on this day was set up as Patrick was portrayed with a mug of beer.

There is a large community of Irish origin in the territory of the USA that`s why St. Patrick`s Day is celebrated throughout the country. On this day practically all objects are decorated with shamrock of clover that is a national symbol of Ireland and reminds Irish descendants most of whom are Catholics worshipping blessed trinity. On occasion of celebration various festive events are held, from church service in Catholic cathedrals to banquets in the best halls of the cities and parades attended not only by the Irish but also all the rest of the inhabitants.

Namely on that day residents and guests of New York can see a parade which includes the largest number of participants. Thousands of Americans whose ancestors arrived in the USA from Ireland march on the main street of the city. They pass on their way more than half of the central streets of New York and this day is remembered for the whole year by both participants and spectators.

Wearing of parade suits is considered to be appropriate for this day. At first all participants attend traditional Catholic festive mass and then take part in the parade of the spiritual orchestras.